Troubleshooting Last updated: Sep 30, 2013
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This site currently makes use of Javascript, Cookies and Forms and has been designed to be compatible with most web browsers.  Unfortunately not all browsers conform to agreed standards, so you may have some difficulties.

We do not advise anyone using WebTV to use our service. Unfortunately we have not been able to find a way around this. If you have access to a computer, you can use it to fill out the questionnaire. A few people have received their reports on WebTV successfully, but we also recommend that you receive your report at a non WebTV email address, to prevent possible problems.

If you do experience problems with this site, we would very much appreciate your helping us to discover what the problem is by clicking the "Contact Us" link at the top of the screen and adding as much of the following detail as possible :-

      - The platform you are running on (MS Windows, MAC, etc.)
      - The company you use to connect to the Internet (AOL, Earthlink, MSN, etc.)
      - The version numbers of programs and browsers (AOL version, browser version etc.)
      - What precisely you were trying to do and what happened when you tried
      - The precise text of any error messages that you are getting.

Before doing this, some of the following advice might help...

AOL Users
Ensure that you are running a later version of the AOL software (at least version 6.0).  AOL's browser technology is known to lag behind the more popular browsers (MS Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome) in terms of functionality and conforming to standards.  AOL has had problems with Javascript and Forms in particular, both of which are used on this site.  To upgrade, use AOL keyword "UPGRADE".

If you are using the AOL browser, we seriously recommend that you change over to any other browser. These may be available for free and probably came on your AOL installation disk.  After making this change, connect to the Internet as you did before and then simply minimise the AOL program and start the new browser.  Type in the box at the top of your browser and hit the enter key.

All Users
Make sure that :-

  • you have a fairly recent browser installed
  • you have enabled Javascript and cookies on your browser (see the options or preferences option on menu)

NOTE: Some people turn off the cookie and/or Javascript capabilities of their browsers believing that this increases security and/or anonymity.  Other users do not even know what cookies or Javascript are... whilst it is true that some advertising companies use cookies in order to track your visits to their sites, cookies can only be used to store limited information on your computer: any personal information that is stored in these cookies will be information that you have voluntarily submitted to a web site by entering it.  A cookie that has been created by one web site is not accessible by any other site.

If you have Javascript or cookies disabled on your computer, many web sites including this one and, for example, Hotmail, will not work: your 'web experience' will be less than it could be.  We recommend always having Javascript and cookies turned on in your browser options/preferences.

If two people want to use the same computer AND the same email address for a health report, it is best if one completes the questionnaire and gets their report before the other person starts the questionnaire. Two people can use the same computer within an overlapping time frame if they have separate email addresses.

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