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  Cell Salt, Nat Mur Need  
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Signs, symptoms & indicators of Cell Salt, Nat Mur Need:
Supplements and Medications  Hydrochloric acid supplementation

Symptoms - Allergy

  Excess/using medication for allergy/ mucous

Symptoms - Bowel Movements

  Having very watery/having loose stools
  Mucous in stools

Symptoms - Food - Preferences

  Craving for salt

Symptoms - Gas-Int - General

  Meal-related bloating

Symptoms - General

  Constant fatigue

Symptoms - Head - Eyes/Ocular

  Moist/dry eyes

Symptoms - Head - Mouth/Oral

  (Very) dry mouth or excess/abundant saliva in mouth

Symptoms - Head - Nose

  Allergic rhinitis
  Moist/dry nose

Symptoms - Reproductive - Female Cycle

  Water retention before menstruation

Symptoms - Respiratory

  Chronic/recent productive cough

Conditions that suggest Cell Salt, Nat Mur Need:
Circulation  Lymphatic Congestion


  Edema (Water Retention)

Symptoms - Head - Nose

  Nasal congestion

Recommendations for Cell Salt, Nat Mur Need:
Homeopathy  Cell Salt, Nat Mur

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