Stolen 1984 Automate Elite Trailer (Redding)

This 1984 Automate Elite bumper pull trailer has been stolen after purchase on CraigsList in Chico. It was stolen from property located in Redding, California on November 19th, 2009.

California License plate:TW8368
VIN # 1NA28RB2XEL004392

This travel trailer was stolen by John Everett Smith and registered in his name in Redding, California.

He was hired to transport the trailer from Chico, CA to Redding, CA and did so successfully. He was then to mail the paperwork to me. However, he returned to the property where he had dropped off the trailer, stole it, and registered it in his name. It is believed that h made up a bill of sale and  forged the sellers name. This should be easy for Inspector Beatrici to discover.

If you have any knowledge of the whereabouts of this trailer or John Everett Smith, please contact State DMV Inspector Tony Beatrici immediately at 530.225.0437. You can also email me at doug dot ford6 at
Thank you for any assistance.

Do not buy this trailer, as it will be regarded as a fraudulent transfer.

In the past, he has regularly parked outside the Anderson Burger King to use their wireless Internet connection.

John E. Smith or J. Everett Smith is a self acclaimed homeless man in and around Anderson, CA. He passes himself off as being patriotic. Beware of any dealings with him.

He is driving a reddish Dodge truck with Colorado plate 285RWW

He owns several other trailers stored in Redding, registered under his name.

He has a Texas Driver's License. Class C. DL: 29789763 DOB:10-18-57. Smith, John E 400 West 19th, Amarillo, TX

He may still be using his email address of

If you know of this man or the location of this trailer, please contact us.


Trailer pictures are located here: Exterior 1.jpg Exterior 2.jpg Exterior 3.jpg Interior.jpg