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How can The Analyst™ help me?

Good question!

Most of our patients have some troubling symptoms that they just want to be rid of. The Analyst health analysis is great at piecing together bits of information to determine probable conditions and treatment recommendations. The vast majority of our treatment recommendations don't require a doctor or a prescription! Some of our patients are quite healthy and are simply looking for leading edge dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations. The Analyst excels at that too.

You will get the most comprehensive evaluation of your health available on the internet. You probably won't want to print it out but if you do it will be between 50 and 100 pages!

You will also get email support from one of our staff doctors in case you have any questions. Best of all maybe, you don't have to go anywhere. You can get it all done from home or work.

What will I find in the report?
Inside you will find a text summary of our findings which will give you a good idea of conditions you should be focused on and some treatment ideas. If you've ordered a report with a full doctor review this is the section where you will see a response to notes you have entered in the questionnaire and answers to specific questions you have asked.

But that is just the beginning. Every report contains a concise summary of all the findings. It is in order by importance of the conditions so it is very clear what your priorities should be.

This section includes conditions that may be present based on the answers you provided.

Then the things you have told us about. There are convenient links to jump to detailed info about each condition.

Every condition description has a graph depicting the probability (likelihood) that you have a particular condition and the relative seriousness of that condition. Notice the links that take you to the detailed information about the condition stored in our database.

The report also tells you why it thinks you may have the condition. Conditions you have told us about may be linked to a root cause. We also evaluate answers to your other questions that provide clues to underlying causes.

Maybe the most important section of the report is treatment options. We generally do not make recommendations or provide information on specific prescription drugs. The majority of treatments are natural in nature and can be purchased online or in a health food store. We also frequently suggest diet or lifestyle changes which will go a long way toward eliminating your symptoms.

Like conditions, there is a summary of treatments ranked by importance...

And a summary of the proposed treatment with a link to our database where you will find all the info you need to make a decision about pursuing that treatment.

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