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Our service in a nut shell:
A comprehensive online health exam.

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How much does it cost?

We have a service option for every budget starting at $8 and going up to $74 for a full Doctor evaluation. Scroll to the bottom to see prices.

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What exactly will I receive?

A 60 to 100 page electronic report summarized, prioritized and customized exclusively for you. The report will tell you the probability that you have a particular health problem and the seriousness of the problem. It will give you tons of information about the health condition itself and a recommended list of treatment options ranked by importance for your situation.

Angela Ursprung, North Carolina, USA -

"As a physical fitness consultant (i.e. personal trainer), I was confused by the fact that I never had the same level of energy and verve' that my clients received from my recommendations to them. Something or some things were wrong and over the last 6 months or so I embarked on several life-changing and energy-enhancing journeys -- one of which was making use of The Analyst and follow-up communication with your doctors.

I must say that at 39 years of age, I finally have the youthful energy I have been missing my whole life. Up to this point I have battled chronic fatigue, but it is now gone. In addition, the severe joint pain in my hands and wrists attributed to osteoarthritis has not bothered me in weeks. Up to this point I had been taking daily doses of The Nikken Joint Formula which was the only thing that helped. Now, for the first time in 4 years I am off of that, too! I have to attribute these wonderful blessings in large part to the comprehensive report and simple suggestions I received from going through the Analyst process.

I am so excited, in fact, that I now have a link on my web site back to The Analyst and recommend this process to each of my clients. Thank you Analyst! The Body Sculptress (R)"

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What can you expect from The Analyst?
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What others have said about The Analyst

Doctor giving medical advice    

"Without doubt the most in-depth diagnostic tool at my disposal. As a holistic MD, I highly recommend The Analyst to anyone who wishes to discover the underlying causes of their symptoms."

Dr. Alan Thal, MD

Ms. A. T., USA

I used your service and was very impressed with the quality of the report. I have followed many of your recommendations and my overall health and energy level have improved. Thank you very much.

Ms. L. A., West Long Branch, NJ, USA -

Wow! A hundred and two pages I never expected anything like this. Ive been glancing over it, but I need time to delve in deeply. Thank you for so much detail.

Mary, California

Thanks so much for this wonderful analysis. It is filled with information that I know will be extremely helpful. It is the answer to a prayer. Thank you.

Greg, UK -

Thank you very much for your informative and thoroughly detailed report, there is so much one can learn about themselves that may have previously gone unnoticed. I for one will certainly be taking your recommendations further and look forward to a healthier body and mind. Thanks again.

Mr. T.H., Ontario, Canada -

Dear Analyst team, I'd like to share the fact that I recently completed your on-line questionnaire and was tremendously pleased and impressed with it. The process was straightforward and worked without a hitch.

The report that I received was meticulously detailed, easy to read and understand, packed full of information and valuable links, and well organized. The ranking of possible illnesses, with a percentage number, was especially helpful as an indicator of what to try treating first. The links have led me to two medical practitioners who offer me treatments that I did not previously know about and that hold out hope for me to make a great deal of health recovery.

The Analyst is worth every cent I paid - in fact, I consider it a bargain because I received far more information here than from any other source. With gratitude for this wonderful resource - Thrilled with the results!

Mr. J. B., California -

I'm following the diet for candida, which corresponds to my feeling about what I can eat, and feeling much much better in just a few days. I've felt weak for several years. Again thanks.

Ms. J.D., Houston, Texas, USA

I am so impressed at the thoroughness of the report you prepared for me. I am diligently wading through it and believe it will be the most important tool yet in improving my health. The information is FABULOUS. My highest compliments.

Mr. S. L., New Mexico, USA -

I recently completed an analysis by the Digital Naturopath. As a long-term natural health seeker I have quite a bit of awareness and experience in self-healing. The analysis performed by computer, and verified by a staff member, was incredible! My report was comprehensive, thorough, personalized, well researched, and right on the ball. Clearly there is no way that for the price of the analysis that you can get ANY doctor, mainstream or complementary, to perform as thorough an investigation and analysis and provide as detailed a report as they do. Great idea! Excellent (and fast) service!

Ms. C.S., California, USA

I received my report and it is as I hoped. My 1st intent was to confirm I was already on the right path. Secondly, I wanted to get any new insights or recommended treatments from you folks. Your service has provided me with a valuable resource in both The Analyst report and access to your database. It was worth every penny to me! You folks are doing something quite wonderful! I pray and hope that more people become practitioners of healthy lifestyles. The Creator gave us everything we need.

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Health Evaluation Features

Features Standard Health Evaluation Dr. Reviewed
Thorough computer analysis of all your symptoms
Summary ranked by importance of findings
All conclusions fully explained
Natural and cutting-edge treatment recommendations
Manual execution and review of your health report
Report password protection (if requested)
HTML or PDF format
Email delivery
Extensive doctor review of your notes
Additional and personalized comments in the report summary
Ability to email doctor with additional questions
Increased number of conditions / treatments reported
Usual report delivery time 1 business day 2 business days
Maximum report delivery time 2 business days 3 business days
100% Money Back Guarantee

Pricing Options

Review Level:

  • Doctor Reviewed: A licensed doctor will read all of your notes and questions and make sure your health evaluation covers all of your concerns. Dr. Reviewed evaluations receive 45 minutes to one full hour of focused attention by the doctor plus follow-on email support.
  • Staff Reviewed: One of our experienced staff members will perform a brief manual review of your report to make sure that all of the items you have indicated as significant health concerns are addressed properly.
  • Computer Generated - No Review: The Analyst expert medical system will create your health evaluation based on your answers and its extensive database of symptoms, conditions, treatments and statistics.

Health Conditions:

Choosing the Top 20 conditions will give you a comprehensive evaluation of your health issues prioritized in order of seriousness. If you choose the Top 10 you will see the most serious items but may not see some of the less serious items. If you choose the Top 5 you will only see the 5 most important items even if you have other significant potential problems.

Treatment Recommendations:

Treatments are similar to Conditions. If you choose the Top 30 treatments you will get a very complete list of treatment options related to your health concerns. If you choose the Top 15 you will get the most important treatment options but may not see some items that could be helpful. If you choose No Treatments, you will not see any treatments on your report and you will need to research treatment options on your own.
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