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Our confidence in The Analystâ„¢ is such that we guarantee it will discover the significant conditions that are affecting your health - or else you pay nothing.

Pricing and Features

Features Standard Health Evaluation Dr. Reviewed
Thorough computer analysis of all your symptoms
Summary ranked by importance of findings
All conclusions fully explained
Natural and cutting-edge treatment recommendations
Manual execution and review of your health report
Report password protection (if requested)
HTML or PDF format
Email delivery
Extensive doctor review of your notes
Additional and personalized comments in the report summary
Ability to email doctor with additional questions
Increased number of conditions / treatments reported
Usual report delivery time 1 business day 2 business days
Maximum report delivery time 2 business days 3 business days
100% Money Back Guarantee

Pricing Options

Review Level:

  • Doctor Reviewed: A licensed doctor will read all of your notes and questions and make sure your health evaluation covers all of your concerns. Dr. Reviewed evaluations receive 45 minutes to one full hour of focused attention by the doctor plus follow-on email support.
  • Staff Reviewed: One of our experienced staff members will perform a brief manual review of your report to make sure that all of the items you have indicated as significant health concerns are addressed properly.
  • Computer Generated - No Review: The Analyst expert medical system will create your health evaluation based on your answers and its extensive database of symptoms, conditions, treatments and statistics.

Health Conditions:

Choosing the Top 20 conditions will give you a comprehensive evaluation of your health issues prioritized in order of seriousness. If you choose the Top 10 you will see the most serious items but may not see some of the less serious items. If you choose the Top 5 you will only see the 5 most important items even if you have other significant potential problems.

Treatment Recommendations:

Treatments are similar to Conditions. If you choose the Top 30 treatments you will get a very complete list of treatment options related to your health concerns. If you choose the Top 15 you will get the most important treatment options but may not see some items that could be helpful. If you choose No Treatments, you will not see any treatments on your report and you will need to research treatment options on your own.
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