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Comments made by some of our customers

A, Portugal

What a fantastic program you have made! Indeed a computer cannot miss a thing and a human could. Sure is a lot to look into and some of the suggestions I had already suspected going on intuition. I do have one puzzling question? You are a naturopath but recommend antibiotics in some cases? I usually avoid takingpharmaceutical drugsat all costs, but last year after being ill for 2 years I took a one day course of Fasigyn and it was a miracle! I stayed very well for about 9 months. Nothing is ever black or white so we have to remain open-minded I guess. It is a pity that Portugal, where I now live is a paradise in many ways, but many family doctors expect to be looked up to as Gods and fob us off as ignorant patientswho arejust an easy way to get rich. My doctor does not even keep records ofhis patients consultations, illnesses and prescriptions. Not very confidence inspiring! That is why I turned to you! Thanks so much once again and may you help many more people find a way to feel better.I will certainly spread the word. Kind regards

CS, England

Many thanks, . . . This is a very comprehensive and useful report. Well worth the money. Well done!


The Analyst service was definitelya immense help. I live in Belize where naturopaths do not exist and not great deal of people who have even heard of living more natural and just take every symptom and mask it with drugs. I was able to use my results to see what conditions I could have or may be at a higher risk of having if I dont take care of myself now. Ive been doing a good job so far however, it helped me to adjust what I am currently doing as well as look into adding some minerals I am lacking. The doctor who reviewed my file was very kind and explained the things he thought was most important. I highly recommend this service to someone who just wants to see how his or herhealth is doing and educate themselves on what they may be at high risk for and definitelyfor anyone who wants to take better care of themselves and lead a healthier life.


Thanks so much! I so enjoyed your report last time. It really made a world of difference for me.

DB, Indiana

Thank you very much for the detailed analysis. I have already read the report fairly thoroughly and am sure I will return to it several times to reread various portions. I am eager to try several of the recommendations. I don't yet know how they will work for me, but I am optimistic. I appreciate the service you provide.

CL, Florida

I really appreciate the help. After looking over the material I stopped eating milk products. Within a week muscle pain and fatigue were gone. I played 1 hr of tennis and 1 hr at fitness center and had enough stamina to go another hour, but thought it best I didn't over do it.

AS, Wisconsin

The info. has been very helpful & has confirmed a lot of what my naturopath has told me. Your program is a very cost-effective means of getting accurate alternative health info. Thanks again & I wish you the best.


I just want to say Thanks. I have been to countless doctors. Had a stroke. Seeing therapists. Been prescribed anti-depressants (which I won't take). Been diagnosed with PTSD. All manner of problems. Went to an alternative doctor in Chattanooga and found out that my estrogen level is under 30. I am 50. I found this site and was so relieved to see that many of my symptoms are caused by this. Life for me has been a constant struggle for the last 6 yrs. Now there's hope. The way the info is presented is great, and easy to understand. I have shared it with my friends. Thank you so much for being there. Keep up the good work!!!!

Mary, California

Thanks so much for this wonderful analysis. It is filled with information that I know will be extremely helpful. It is the answer to a prayer. Thank you.

Mr. T.H., Ontario, Canada -

Dear Analyst team, I'd like to share the fact that I recently completed your on-line questionnaire and was tremendously pleased and impressed with it. The process was straightforward and worked without a hitch. The report that I received was meticulously detailed, easy to read and understand, packed full of information and valuable links, and well organized. The ranking of possible illnesses, with a percentage number, was especially helpful as an indicator of what to try treating first. The links have led me to two medical practitioners who offer me treatments that I did not previously know about and that hold out hope for me to make a great deal of health recovery. The Analyst is worth every cent I paid - in fact, I consider it a bargain because I received far more information here than from any other source. With gratitude for this wonderful resource - Thrilled with the results!

Ms. J.V.S.

I finally feel a sense of relief after years of agony not knowing why I was feeling the way I was feeling. I am confident that why I often feel confused, foggy minded, unable to concentrate, etc. etc. is a lack of magnesium. I had almost all of the symptoms listed for lack of magnesium, and when I think back, atthe time's that I did take magnesium I felt normal. I was worrying myself sick thinking that at my age of only 38 yr. old, I was already having signs of Alzheimer's with my confusion and all. - Thank you again for all your help.

Mrs. S.H., USA -

Finally I find a source that looks at the cause of the problem, not wanting to only mask the problem with medication, I would highly recommend The Analyst to all my family and friends. Excellent service from the team...thank you, for all your help and support.... Since I have put into action some of your suggestions on how to have a better quality of life I have found outstanding results....could have never done it without you...This is a must for anyone who wants to find out what iscausing there overall health problems and wants to do something about them naturally...Thank you so much for being available to us and the great attitude and support with staff and doctors.

Angela Ursprung, North Carolina, USA -

As a physical fitness consultant (i.e. personal trainer), I was confused by the fact that I never had the same level of energy and verve' that my clients received from my recommendations to them. Something or some things were wrong and over the last 6 months or so I embarked on several life-changing and energy-enhancing journeys -- one of which was making use of The Analyst and follow-up communication with The Naturopath. I must say that at 39 years of age, I finally have the youthful energy I have been missing my whole life. Up to this point I have battled chronic fatigue, but it is now gone. In addition, the severe joint pain in my hands and wrists attributed to osteoarthritis has not bothered me in weeks. Up to this point I had been taking daily doses of The Nikken Joint Formula which was the only thing that helped. Now, for the first time in 4 years I am off of that, too! I have to attribute these wonderful blessings in large part to the comprehensive report and simple suggestionsI received from going through the Analyst process. I am so excited, in fact, that I now have a link on my web site back to The Naturopath and recommend this process to each of my clients. Thank you, Naturopath! The Body Sculptress (R)

Miss. L.D., Oregon, USA -

Thank you for the Analyst report, and for the additional link to the newsletter. I have to admit, I'm feeling a bit stunned. . . . not so much by what the report says, but the way it all weaves together. I knew several of my issues were related to chronic stress, but the degree of 'inter-relatedness' is quite alarming to me. Now I know I have to make some solid lifestyle changes, and soon, before I do come down with a very serious illness. I started seeing a naturopath just last week, at the insistence of my family, and took your 'Analyst' questionnaire out of curiosity about naturopathy. I am SO glad I did!! I'm fully prepared to do whatever he recommends to regain my health, now that I understand what's at stake and how all of these things relate to my general well-being. Thank you!!!!

Mr. F.M., New Jersey, USA -

You folks are great! People that actually care!!

Ms. H.K., Rome, Italy -

I was putting off the writing of my comment since I wanted to have more time to cover in detail all the material in the report and on your site but there is so very much to read and study that I thought I had better not delay my reply any longer. I feel very inadequate to try to express my gratitude and appreciation for your work, for the wealth of information in the report and on your site, and for your thoroughness and thoughtfulness in reviewing my questionnaire. The report was way beyond my most optimistic expectations. Having read a lot on natural and alternative (medicine) I thought I knew quite a bit about the subject and was truly amazed to realize how many more advanced research results and treatments were available. I am sure that studying and applying the material in your reply and on your site will help me improve my health for years to come.

Mr. S. L., New Mexico, USA -

I recently completed an analysis by the Digital Naturopath. As a long-term natural health seeker I have quite a bit of awareness and experience in self-healing. The analysis performed by computer, and verified by a staff member, was incredible! My report was comprehensive, thorough, personalized, well researched, and right on the ball. Clearly there is no way that for the price of the analysis that you can get ANY doctor, mainstream orcomplementary, to perform as thorough an investigation and analysis and provide as detailed a report as they do. I'm beginning to implement a number of their suggestions. As a computer programmer I appreciate the amount of outstanding work that went into crafting such a system. The concept is simple, yet elegant and powerful. Interview the patient about hundreds and hundreds of symptoms and conditions. Probe deeper in the patient's problem areas, correlate symptoms and sets of symptoms to current and potential future states of illness and disease. Make solid recommendations to help the patient make better choices about maintaining and improving health. Great idea! Excellent (and fast) service!

Ms. S. A., Tucson, AZ, USA -

I think you have a terrific service. Thank you.

Ms. C.S., California, USA

I received my report and it is as I hoped. My 1st intent was to confirm I was already on the right path. Secondly, I wanted to get any new insights or recommended treatments from you folks. Your service has provided me with a valuable resource in both The Analyst report and access to your database. It was worth every penny to me! You folks are doing something quite wonderful! I pray and hope that more people become practitioners of healthy lifestyles. The Creator gave us everything we need.

Greg, UK -

Thank you very much for your informative and thoroughly detailed report, there is so much one can learn about themselves that may have previously gone unnoticed. I for one will certainly be taking your recommendations further and look forward to a healthier body and mind. Thanks again.

Ms. S. K., New Westminster, BC, Canada -

The report was very useful in helping me to sort out the possible sources for the symptoms I'm experiencing.

Ms. A. G., Charlotte, NC, USA -

I was a little skeptical, but I am planning on going to a naturopath up in MI so I thought it might be helpful to have. Well, I got my results back last night and it is SOOO worth the money. It told me a lot of stuff I sort of already suspected... that I probably have low adrenal function and chronic fatigue syndrome. I also found out that I am probably seriously dehydrated and thats probably a huge source of my problems!! Yikes. It gave me like an 80 page report back, very detailed, with tests I should get done, dietary changes to make, herbs & vitamins and minerals to take, and also gave me info on my blood type and auryvedic type. It also thinks that I am estrogen dominant/progesterone deficient and that I should be using natural progesterone! I just really wanted to share this bc it gave me tons of such useful information that I can now take with me to the naturopath, but also stuff I can start doing today to begin improving my health.

Ms. L. A., West Long Branch, NJ, USA -

To whom it may concern. Wow! A hundred and two pages I never expected anything like this. Ive been glancing over it, but I need time to delve in deeply. Thank you for so much detail. We comment:- Reports from The Analyst are not always this large, but everyone gets lots of information.

Ms. H. B., Apache Junction, AZ, USA -

Thank you for the analysis. It has been very helpful.

Ms. S. S., Evansville, IN, USA -

"...What I have read so far gives much food for thought and lets me see myself in more of an objective way than perhaps even a flesh and blood doctor might interpret my symptoms if he were sitting in front of me..."
"...Up until just recently, I have been in a situation where I have had to try and diagnose myself and it is sometimes frustrating to sift through so much information (and misinformation) without having gone to medical school. I can't imagine what this would be like for someone with less than my background in health and healing issues. Thank you and the others involved in the Analyst for helping me and others in similar situations get information tailored to our special needs in one place- where we would have had to spend days, weeks, months, or even years finding for ourselves, trying to match up our symptoms to what we have read..."
"...The report from the Analyst is certainly worth the money."

Dr. A. K., Hyderabad, Pakistan -

Thank you very much for your detailed report regarding my health. I received it a couple of hours ago. I shall read the report in detail. In a quick glimpse I have found it to be helpful in making me aware of the possible conditions they I may develop in future.

Mr. J. B., California -

I'm following the diet for candida, which corresponds to my feeling about what I can eat, and feeling much much better in just a few days. I've felt weak for several years. Again thanks.

Ms. A. T., Unknown, USA Hello -

I used your service and was very impressed with the quality of the report. I have followed many of your recommendations and my overall health and energy level have improvedThank you very much.

Ms. J.M., Washington D.C., USA

Thanks! PDF format is great. Thanks for caution about Cancer Risk. What a terrific service this is. I decided this year that I was going to have a more proactive role in my own health care, and I think this report is a great way to start.

Ms. J.D., Houston, Texas, USA -

I am so impressed at the thoroughness of the report you prepared for me. I am diligently wading through it and believe it will be the most important tool yet in improving my health. (Later email)The information is FABULOUS. My highest compliments.

Ms. L.B., Wash. D.C., USA

General conclusion....I think you have a fantastic product/service here. I will recommend it high and low. But a few navigational improvements would be useful.