Fasting: Body Rejuvenation and Cleansing Lesson 4

“Fasting is primarily the act of willingly abstaining from some or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time.”

Fasting for health? In theory, most of us would agree that this sounds like a good idea. But when faced with the experience – the hunger –  it seems more like a good idea for somebody else.  Unless a person is knowledgeable, disciplined, or desperate – going without food for days is low on the  to do list.

However, fasting is a great resource from a Great Designer!

Benefits include:

1.  It doesn’t cost you any money to fast. You are in effect getting paid (saving what you would have spent on food) to get better – wow!

2. Taking a break from digesting food gives your body a greater opportunity to heal itself.

3. Fasting increases the opportunity for toxin removal, especially when combined with something like the coffee enema.  Secret – A daily coffee enema will go a long way in reducing or eliminating many of the symptoms of detoxification.

4. Any food allergy component is removed for a time and thus can lead to identification of the hidden offender.

5. Fasting works to prevent as well as cure a variety of  health problems, and under eating increases longevity.

6. It is sometimes instinctual – a ‘no-brainer’. You’re sick, so you don’t ‘feel’ like eating anyway. Animals do this routinely when sick.

But all this goodness does  come at a cost. It would seem to be the perfect answer if only we could get over the hunger and side effects of fasting like headaches, weakness, and irritability. But, there are rewards for the overcomer. However, if a water fast is too challenging, there are a variety of partial fasts that can be tried.

Less pain, but still some gain.

Partial fasts:

1. Abstain only from specific items, like meat, soft drinks, chocolate, etc. One of these is called the “Daniel Fast” where you can eat as much as you want, but avoid meat, dairy and sweets (and a few others).

2. Abstain from all solid foods and go with liquids only. This would include juice fasting.

3. Fast only for a short time, or intermittently,  like one day a week. Not every fast has to be the 40 day mother of all fasts.

Don’t forget to use an enema or coffee enema at least during the beginning days of fasting, and break the fast by easing into your regular diet with a day or more of juices and steamed vegetables.

There are many resources on the web about fasting.  Spending additional time becoming aware of the potential benefits of this amazing resource will help motivate and prepare you for a successful experience.

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