Life Insurance Options

Life responsibilities often extend beyond death. Life insurance is one of the tools people turn to meet those responsibilities to loved ones and to leave a legacy that is a blessing and not a burden.

While life insurance has changed identities and purposes over time, it remains the single best option to help loved ones pay off debts, provide an income for survivors, provide housing or meet other significant needs for income and assets.

The typical life insurance provider has an array of  cover options designed to meet the many possible objectives of insurance buyers. Aviva for example has options that can assist in mortgage payoffs, outstanding loan repayments, funeral expense payoff and simply leaving cash for loved ones.

The most important step in selecting a life insurance option is to evaluate the specific need the insurance is intended to meet and estimate how much will be needed at that time in the future to meet that need. Insurance providers can then provide quotes for the monthly cost of insurance that will yield the amount of payout calculated to meet the need.

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