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The Analyst™ is an expert program that performs online diagnosis by collecting information about your symptoms, diseases and health conditions. Your profile is then analyzed against a massive database of health information and a detailed, comprehensive report is produced with an evaluation of the seriousness of your medical conditions and treatment recommendations. A doctor then reviews your report and delivers it to the email address you specify.

Although The Analyst Health Reports are not a substitute for a visit to a licensed health care professional, they do include a much more thorough review of your health situation than any doctor could possibly provide at a much lower cost. Our reports highlight actual and potential health problems, and suggest natural treatments, substances and products that have been used successfully by others with similar conditions.

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The Analyst" collects a significant amount of information about your lifestyle and health condition and uses those 100's of pieces of information to uncover potential health concerns that a human doctor might not pick up on.

Quite simply it connects the dots that perhaps no one has been able to connect for you. But the computer is not alone in providing medical advice. Our staff doctors then study the details of your case making sure all your concerns are addressed fully and accurately.

Natural? Conventional? Practical? Spiritual? - YES

The Analyst" views your body's systems as highly interrelated. Natural treatments tend to benefit overall body health and are preventative as well as curative.

Although some people are suspicious of conventional medicine, The Analyst takes a pragmatic view. If we know that your condition will be cured by antibiotics or another traditional treatment regime, we will tell you.

In life and medicine, the invisible things are often the most important. The creators, doctors and staff at The Analyst are very much driven by a spiritual world view. That world view manifests itself in our patient care and, we hope, in everything we do.

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