About Us

Digital Naturopath looks at health from a natural – naturopathic – point of view.  Our doctors have documented a broad spectrum of conditions and natural treatments designed to go beyond traditional thinking about healing.

You will find references to health indicators that most doctors never think to ask about. Many start by asking you “What symptoms do you have?”, assuming that you know exactly what qualifies as a symptom, and that all symptoms are obvious to you.

Digital Naturopath makes no such assumptions. As a simple example, would you mention to your doctor that you have small bumps on the backs of your arms, or that you have cracked callouses on your heels? (These are both symptoms of vitamin A deficiency.)

Taken together, these small pieces of information make up the complex puzzle that is your current state of health.

On our pages you’ll find exquisite attention to the details of your conditions that we believe will enable you to make informed decisions to influence your wellbeing.

Our articles are no substitute for a consultation with a physician or course. That is why we’ve collected an extensive directory of naturopathic practitioners in most locations in the United States and Canada.