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  Tendency To Develop Polyps  
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Polyps can occur in various parts of the body and are typically associated with mucus membranes.


Conditions that suggest Tendency To Develop Polyps:
Tumors, Benign  Stomach Polyps

Risk factors for Tendency To Develop Polyps:
Inflammation  Chronic Inflammation
 Allergies and infalmmation are associated with polyp development. In a clinical trial that ended in the fall of 1998, it was found that nearly 80% of patients with sporadic colon polyps, the type that can develop into common colon cancer, had their polyps disappear or shrink after taking sulindac, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), for one year. "This was the first randomized, double-blind project to demonstrate that any drug inhibits premalignant sporadic polyps," said DiSario, associate professor of gastroenterology at the School of Medicine.

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  (History of) colon polyps

Tendency To Develop Polyps can lead to:
Tumors, Benign  Stomach Polyps

Recommendations for Tendency To Develop Polyps:
Lab Tests/Rule-Outs  Test for Food Allergies
 Hidden food allergies are an underlying cause of polyp formation.




  Vitamin B Complex

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