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  Ayurvedic Dosha - Kapha Dominance  
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People who have a dominant Kapha constitution are most often healthy, content, calm and soft-spoken. They tend to have a large frame and well-developed body and, of the three types, have the most trouble maintaining a desirable weight. They have a tendency to become possessive, greedy and envious when under stress. They are believed to be more prone to colds, flu and seasonal allergies.


Signs, symptoms & indicators of Ayurvedic Dosha - Kapha Dominance:
Ayurvedic Typing  Poor reaction to cool damp weather
  Slow but exact memory for detail

Symptoms - Allergy

  Excess/using medication for allergy/ mucous

Symptoms - Bowel Movements

  Normal stool frequency
  Having normal stool texture

Symptoms - Food - Beverages

  Never being/being infrequently thirsty

Symptoms - Food - General

  Strong/weak appetite

Symptoms - General

  Slow/heavy physical motions
  High/good level of tolerance

Symptoms - Hair

  Oily hair
  Wavy/curly hair
  Thick scalp hairs

Symptoms - Head - Mouth/Oral

  Being a slow speaker

Symptoms - Metabolic

  Difficulty losing weight

Symptoms - Mind - Emotional

  Patient/calm disposition

Symptoms - Mind - General

  A 'foggy' mind

Symptoms - Skin - General

  Oily/moist skin
  Lighter/paler skin color
  Thick skin
  Cold skin

Symptoms - Sleep

  Being a deep sleeper

Recommendations for Ayurvedic Dosha - Kapha Dominance:
Diet  Kapha Balancing

Weak or unproven link
Highly recommended