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  Cell Salt, Kali Mur Need  
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Signs, symptoms & indicators of Cell Salt, Kali Mur Need:
Symptoms - Allergy  Excess/using medication for allergy/ mucous

Symptoms - Bowel Movements

  Mucous in stools

Symptoms - Glandular

  (Frequent) cervical node swelling
  (Frequent) painful cervical nodes
  Postauricular node problems
  (History of) swollen axillary nodes
  (History of) painful axillary nodes
  (Often) swollen inguinal nodes
  (Often) painful inguinal nodes

Symptoms - Head - Mouth/Oral

  Coated tongue

Symptoms - Respiratory

  Chronic/recent productive cough

Conditions that suggest Cell Salt, Kali Mur Need:
Circulation  Enlarged Lymph Nodes


  Ear Infection, Middle
  Colds and Influenza


  Chronic Inflammation


  Rheumatoid Arthritis


  Bronchitis, Acute



Symptoms - Head - Nose

  Nasal congestion

Risk factors for Cell Salt, Kali Mur Need:
Symptoms - Respiratory  History of asthma

Recommendations for Cell Salt, Kali Mur Need:
Homeopathy  Cell Salt, Kali Mur

Weak or unproven link
Strong or generally accepted link
Highly recommended