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  Cell Salt, Silica Need  
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Signs, symptoms & indicators of Cell Salt, Silica Need:
Symptoms - Allergy  Excess/using medication for allergy/ mucous

Symptoms - Gas-Int - General

  (Slight) rectal discharge or rectal discharge with blood

Symptoms - Hair

  Brittle hair
  Slow hair growth

Symptoms - Nails

  Brittle fingernails

Symptoms - Respiratory

  Recent/chronic productive cough

Conditions that suggest Cell Salt, Silica Need:
Allergy  Allergies Indoor


  Poor/Slow Wound Healing


  Heel Pain


  Body Odor
  Boils, Abscesses, Carbuncles
  Adult Acne
  Adolescent Acne

Symptoms - Head - Nose

  Nasal congestion

Cell Salt, Silica Need can lead to:
Inflammation  Heel Pain

Recommendations for Cell Salt, Silica Need:
Homeopathy  Cell Salt, Silica

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Strong or generally accepted link
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