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  Supplementation Need  
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Conditions that suggest Supplementation Need:
Immunity  Weakened Immune System
 Inadequate vitamin and mineral intake has been associated with immune deficiency and improper energy metabolism. It appears that most immune system dysfunction actually results from a vitamin and/or mineral deficiency rather than protein deficiency.

Risk factors for Supplementation Need:
Supplements and MedicationsCounter-indicators:
  Multiple mineral supplement use
  Multiple vitamin supplement use

Supplementation Need suggests the following may be present:
Nutrients  Multiple Mineral, General Requirement
  Multiple Vitamin Need

Recommendations for Supplementation Need:
Extract  Bioperine (Black Pepper)
 Bioperine enhances nutrient absorption, meaning that more of the nutrients consumed will be made available for important bodily functions. It has been said "You are what you eat", but nutrient availability depends just as much on what you absorb.


  Multiple Vitamin Supplement

Strong or generally accepted link
Strongly counter-indicative
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