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The cause of a rash may be determined from its visible characteristics and other co-existing symptoms. However, the cause of many rashes is never determined.

Common causes include:

  • Contact dermatitis following exposure to:
    1. Dyes and other chemicals found in clothing
    2. Chemicals found in elastic and rubber products
    3. Cosmetics
    4. Feminine deodorants
    5. Poison ivy and poison oak
  • Eczema
  • Medications or insect bites that cause allergic reactions
  • Various diseases cause rashes, including:
    1. Measles
    2. Lupus erythematosus
    3. Roseola
    4. Hand-foot-mouth disease
    5. Fifth disease
    6. Juvenile arthritis
    7. Kawasaki disease
Most common rashes will improve with gentle skin care and avoidance of irritating substances. Avoid scrubbing the skin, minimize the use of soap (using gentle cleansers when possible), and moisturize frequently. Eliminate any newly added cosmetics or lotions. Hydrocortisone cream (1%) is available without prescription and may soothe many rashes.

Call your health care provider if home treatment is ineffective, or if symptoms persist or worsen and if other symptoms accompany the rash.

A dermatologist is most qualified to deal with skin disorders, though many primary care doctors are comfortable dealing with common rashes.


Risk factors for Rashes:
Autoimmune  Ulcerative Colitis
 Skin rashes may occur as a result of the presence of ulcerative colitis and disappear when the colitis is treated.

Environment / Toxicity

  Gulf War Illness


  Lyme Disease


  Birth Control Pill / Contraceptive Issues


  Aspartame Intolerance


  Consequences of Vasectomy

Rashes suggests the following may be present:
Infections  Lyme Disease

Recommendations for Rashes:
Botanical  Antiinflammatory Combination Products

Weak or unproven link
Strong or generally accepted link
May do some good