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  Anemia, Aplastic  
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Aplastic anemia is a rare disease consisting of pancytopenia which affects primarily young men and older persons of both genders. 2 to 6 people per million worldwide develop this disorder annually, with an obvious prevalence in the Orient as compared to either Europe or the United States. A variety of associations have been made in the attempt to find a specific cause, but no one cause can be identified. Treatment must be instituted promptly after diagnosis to avoid fatality. Patients treated successfully for aplastic anemia then have a higher risk of developing other diseases later in life, including cancer.


Signs, symptoms & indicators of Anemia, Aplastic:
Lab Values - Cells  Low lymphocyte count
  (Very) low white cell count
  Low red blood cell count

  Normal/high red blood cell count
  Normal/high white cell count

Conditions that suggest Anemia, Aplastic:
Lab Values  Low Platelet Count

Risk factors for Anemia, Aplastic:
Tumors, Malignant  Leukemia
 Anemia, a deficiency of red cells, develops in almost all leukemia patients. With some kinds, such as T-cell LGL leukemia, only about 50% are found to be anemic.

Anemia, Aplastic can lead to:
Lab Values  Low Platelet Count

Weak or unproven link
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