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  Carbo-Oxidative Type (Positive)  
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You have a moderately positive Carbo-Oxidative Type. This means your cells are overly reliant on glycolysis and beta-oxidation should be increased. This imbalance can be influenced by food and nutrient selection. The wrong ones can make symptoms worse, the right ones can bring about a better balance. Whether you are dominant in the autonomic nervous system or carbo-oxidative system will influence our food and nutrient selections for you.

There is no one universal diet for all people. Discovering the diet type and nutrients best suited for you can be a difficult process, but on the basis of your answers only (no special lab work) The Analyst can reasonably calculate if you are in a state of imbalance. Specific recommendations can then be made, keeping in mind the therapeutic use of those same nutrients for other conditions you may have also.


Signs, symptoms & indicators of Carbo-Oxidative Type:
Metabolic Typing  Dry coughs
  Weight gain with carbohydrates
  Liking potatoes
  Liking sour foods
  Sensitivity to insect bites
  Small pupils
  Bright facial complexion
  Thin/weak fingernails
  Dark/red ear color
  Not being prone to goose bumps
  Sleeping better after bedtime eating
  Fondness for fatty foods
  Energy boosted by fat/high-protein
  Tendency to gag easily

  Tendency not to gag easily
  Energy boosted by carbohydrates
  Dislike for fatty foods
  Sleeping worse after bedtime eating
  Being prone to goose bumps
  Pale ear color
  Thick/strong fingernails
  Dull facial complexion
  Large pupils
  Insensitivity to insect bites
  Disliking sour foods
  Disliking potatoes
  Weight gain with heavy/fatty foods

Symptoms - Allergy

  Moderate sneezing or frequent sneezing / attacks

  Infrequent sneezing

Symptoms - Environment

  Poor tolerance of heat

  Poor tolerance of cold

Symptoms - Food - Beverages

  Negative reaction to coffee

  Positive reaction to coffee

Symptoms - Food - General

  Frequent eating

  Infrequent eating

Symptoms - Food - Preferences

  Craving for salt

  Dislike of salt

Symptoms - Head - Eyes/Ocular

  Itchy eyes
  Moist eyes

  Dry eyes

Symptoms - Head - Mouth/Oral

  Abundant/excess saliva in mouth

  (Very) dry mouth

Symptoms - Head - Nose

  Moist nose

  Dry nose

Symptoms - Metabolic

  Hyperactivity with exhaustion

Symptoms - Mind - General

  Being a sociable person

  Being an antisocial person

Symptoms - Respiratory

  Chest pressure

Symptoms - Skin - General

  Itchy skin
  Cracking skin
  Dark/dark/flushed facial coloring

  Pale facial coloring

Conditions that suggest Carbo-Oxidative Type:
Organ Health  COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)



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