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A double-blind placebo controlled study was conducted with over 80 'healthy' people aged 29-67 years that maintained their existing lifestyle and did not exercise regularly.

Test subjects were selected to receive homeopathic GH or placebo, in the form of chewable tablets marked, bottle "A" for the first 21 days. Following this period, all subjects were crossed-over to bottle "B" which contained the opposite test substance, i.e. treatment crosses to placebo and vice versa, for an additional 21 days. Each participant was instructed to chew tablets thoroughly, three times daily, i.e. upon rising, afternoon, and early evening, without simultaneous ingestion of any other substance (in between meals.) Group assignments were not revealed to the subjects or experimenters until the study was completed. Assessments of body composition and specific laboratory measurements were made before commencement of the protocol and every 10 days until completion of the study.

Results demonstrate a significant effect when subjects received homeopathic GH treatment. Lean body mass significantly increased, and body weight, body fat, and blood pressure significantly decreased. Body composition improved, and there were significant increases in upper arm size compared to treatment with placebo tablets. In addition, subjects reported significant increases in energy, mental clarity and improved sleep quality. [Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients. Aug/Sept 2000]

There are a huge number of companies now providing homeopathic growth hormone, as it is an OTC product. Quality control becomes an issue since it seems that so many of these companies have sprung up just to sell this one product.


Homeopathic Growth Hormones can help with the following:
Hormones  Low HGH (Human Growth Hormone)
 Two homeopathic products (the only ones tested) demonstrated a clear improvement in symptoms and increased IGF-1 levels in a placebo-controlled and blinded study. Since some people respond to one product but not another, it is worth trying one for a month to see if any improvements result. If not, switch products until finding one that works for you. A very reputable company which has invested heavily in research and development offers products which were used in the blinded trials. Information can be found at Biomed Comm.

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