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  Liver Extract Injection  
Search treatments and conditions provides a thiamine injection that contains 200mg per 1ml. They have also provided a liver extract injection by Merit (the product that Mr. Humpherys has used for many years). Commercial providers of extract are unable to supply the product. Consequently, they have begun compounding a crude liver extract from desiccated beef liver powder. The daily thiamine dose of 200mg is 1ml of the compounded injection. On the days when the liver extract is scheduled it can be mixed in the same syringe with the thiamine. They are compatible with each other. Also, if one of the products gets mixed with the other (when drawing both into a single syringe, for example) there is no harm. There may be some discoloration when liver extract mixes with the thiamine but there is no harm.

Both the thiamine injection and the liver extract should be stored in the refrigerator. The products themselves are quite stable, but because there is a risk of contamination from repeated needle entries into the vials, it is best to retard bacterial contamination by keeping the vials in a refrigerator. When traveling it is best to pack the injections with a refrigerant.


Liver Extract Injection can help with the following:
Autoimmune  Multiple Sclerosis / Risk


Not recommended for:
  A Raw Food/Fruitarian Diet
  A Vegetarian Diet
  A Vegan Diet

Highly recommended
Avoid absolutely