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Sulfur can help with the following:
Autoimmune  Ulcerative Colitis
 Some doctors have reported reduced pain with the use of MSM.

Environment / Toxicity

  Mercury Toxicity / Amalgam Illness
 Mobilization AND excretion are required for mercury detoxification. Consuming foods high in sulfur such as garlic, onions, beans, and eggs or supplemental sulfur in the form of MSM can help move mercury around but it is only bound loosely and caution is advised. There have been reported cases of reversible cataract development from individuals mobilizing mercury without excreting it. Consult a qualified doctor for a detoxification protocol appropriate for you.


Not recommended for:
  Lipo-Oxidative Type
  Metabolic Diet Type

Nervous System

  Bell's Palsy
 MSM, an organic form of sulfur, is reported to be of benefit in reducing pain associated with Bell's Palsy.

May do some good
May have adverse consequences
Reasonably likely to cause problems