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  Test for Heavy Metals  
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Heavy metals can be screened for inexpensively by hair analysis. Although not completely reliable, and subject to contamination, elevated readings would suggest more accurate testing be done. Serum levels are only useful in acute or serious poisonings. Challenge testing by DMSA or DMPS with urine collection or possibly red blood cell heavy metal testing are a more accurate measure of your total body burden of particular heavy metals.


Test for Heavy Metals can help with the following:
Environment / Toxicity  Mercury Toxicity / Amalgam Illness


  Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD / ADHD)
 Please see the reference cited on the page describing ADD / ADHD (the link where it says " here to see full details and recommendations on our web site.") regarding the presence of lead.


  Increased Risk of Alzheimer's / Dementia
 Avoid mercury, and detoxify if levels are found elevated. See discussion of Melatonin for details.

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