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  Test for Bone Resorption  
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The Bone Resorption Assessment from Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory, and possibly by other labs, can help to prevent bone loss. Testing is useful because:

  • Values change quickly with effective therapy.
  • Identifies elevated levels of bone loss before excessive damage has occurred.
  • Enables regular testing for resorption rates, allowing treatment intervention at its most effective - before bone loss has occurred.
  • Monitors the effectiveness of exercise, supplements, and medications to slow bone loss.
Using the two most specific markers of bone resorption, this assessment measures bone loss accurately and inexpensively. By discriminating between patients with high and low bone turnover - two subgroups which benefit from different therapeutic approaches - health care professionals can prescribe appropriate treatments and monitor patient compliance and treatment effectiveness.

The Bone Resorption Assessment is also invaluable in evaluating osteoporosis and the bone diseases associated with arthritis, metabolic bone disease, and cancer.


Test for Bone Resorption can help with the following:
Musculo-Skeletal  Osteoporosis / Risk

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