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  Cell Salt, Silica  
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SILICEA or silica is essential to the health of bones, joints, skin, and glands. Deficiency produces catarrh in the respiratory system, pus discharges from the skin, slow wound healing, and offensive body odor. This remedy cleanses and eliminates waste. It helps the body to throw off non-functional organic matter, and is called the "homeopathic surgeon." Silica can create a passage to the surface of the skin and rid the body of impurities. Since Silica restores activity to the skin, and aids in the cleansing process, it helps to cure chronic skin conditions. Very successful in the treatment of boils, pimples and abscesses, for hair and nail health, blood cleansing, and rebuilding the body after illness or injury.


Cell Salt, Silica can help with the following:
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