COBAT- TAUROX SB – Fatigue Relief

COBAT is a compound that is widely believed to be the most potent anti-fatigue substance ever known. This is a homeopathic preparation and is more popular by its brand name, namely TAUROX SB. This simple compound has been found to cure the fatigue that accompanies many illnesses, though TAUROX SB per se cannot be used to treat any disease. The chemical name for this compound is- carbobenzoxy beta-alanyl-taurine, or COBAT. This compound is the result of years of research at various universities, looking for safe and effective treatment of fatigue. COBAT

contains both taurine and beta-alanine, both of which are important amino acids. COBAT

is a homeopathic medicine prepared by what is termed as a 7 fold dilution process giving a 6 to 7X dilution medicine. This homeopathic preparation is easily absorbed via the oral mucosa.


Various surveys have shown that COBAT has been successful in relieving the fatigue associated with many major illnesses and conditions. In fact hospital studies show a relief of fatigue in up to 90 per cent of patients. These studies also showed that there was significant improvement of the energy levels in these patients for many months. The main discovery of COBAT occured in the University of New Mexico. It was found that COBAT produced significant improvement of the immune system. Hence it was postulated that the main effects, especially the anti-fatigue properties of COBAT

were induced by modulating the immune system. Another important discovery was that COBAT improved the functioning of both hyperactive and hypoactive immune cells.

How does it work?

It must be emphasized here that COBAT is not a stimulant that produces a deceptive feeling of health, like various other drugs do. Steroids are an example of compounds that produce a feeling of well being, which is transient in nature. Unlike these substances, COBAT acts by directly modifying the immune system to produce genuine relief of fatigue. This relief of fatigue actually increases over the months, resulting in marked improvement in the condition of the patient. It has been proven that cytokines are the chemical messengers that the body uses to control the immune cells. What COBAT does is to modify and improve the cytokine levels in the blood, thus producing improvement in illness induced fatigue.


COBAT is a homeopathic medication and is safe to use in most patients. The only contraindication for the use of COBAT is in patients who undergo organ transplants or are under immuno-suppressive medication. Such patients are not advised to use COBAT due to the immune modifying effects of this drug. COBAT therapy is done by monitoring the patient over weeks. It is now accepted that a 5 to 10 per cent improvement (in fatigue) per week during the use of COBAT is a good response to this homeopathic medicine. By carefully assessing the efficacy of this potent medicine, patients are able to establish required and effective dosage requirements over a period of time.

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