Commonly Asked Questions About COBAT/ Taurox-SB

COBAT is a proven homeopathic medicine that has a potent anti-fatigue action. Many queries have been raised about the effectiveness and role of COBAT/ Taurox-SB. Here are some important ones:

1)      How effective is Taurox-SB/ COBAT in fighting fatigue? Various studies have shown that COBAT is one of the most potent anti-fatigue compounds ever discovered. Floyd Taub who discovered this substance maintains that COBAT considerably alters the adaptogenic property of the mRNA (messenger RNA) at the cellular level. COBAT has antitumor and antiviral effects. Thus COBAT acts as an immune modulator to prevent fatigue caused by disease. This immune modulation is just right for the human body. The effect is so appropriate that COBAT is said to have the Goldilocks effect- not too much or too little, but just right.

2)      Does COBAT have adverse effects due to its immune modulation action? No. The Goldilocks effect of COBAT means that COBAT does not over stimulate or under stimulate the human immune system. On the contrary, the effect is just right. The result is that persons with allergic reactions and immune system malfunction do not experience exacerbation of their illness. Similar activity is observed in those with autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, dermatitis, psoriasis, etc. Use of COBAT in no way worsened the existing illnesses.

3)      What is the role of COBAT in relation to other medicines? COBAT plays a complimentary role with other medicines such as allopathic or homeopathic drugs. It acts without altering the effects of the other drugs given for the treatment of illnesses. It improves the state of well being and reduces the fatigue associated with the underlying disease, thus helping indirectly in the recovery process.

4)      Are there any exceptions to the above question? Yes. COBAT must be used with caution during administration or use of other immune modifying medicines such as immune suppressants (in cases of organ transplants etc.). It should also be avoided during simultaneous use of anti-inflammatory drugs.

5)      How does COBAT compare with placebos? During double blind placebo controlled trials, COBAT showed anti-fatigue activity in 92 % of cases while placebos showed action in only 26 % of cases. This demonstrated the clear superiority and effectiveness of COBAT as an anti-fatigue compound.

6)      What is the role of COBAT in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)? Chronic illness and fatigue go hand in hand. Patients with chronic fatigue have altered immune systems. This leads to illness which compounds the fatigue. COBAT acts to return the immune system to an optimal balance which reduces the fatigue. This is mediated via cytokines and tH cells, both of which are vital to the immune system.

7)      What is the role of COBAT in sleep? COBAT has a gentle relaxing effect on the human body due to its immune modulation effect. Lack of sleep is often the cause of fatigue in many patients of chronic fatigue. COBAT acts to improve both fatigue and lack of sleep associated with chronic fatigue.

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