What You Should Know About COBAT- Taurox-SB

Taurox –SB is an immune balancing homeopathic medicine that works effectively in reducing fatigue. Does it cure the underlying causes of fatigue like cancer or diabetes? The answer is no! Taurox –SB does not heal the illness per se, but rather does a great job of reducing fatigue symptoms that are associated with many debilitating illnesses.

What are the conditions where use of Taurox –SB is indicated?

Taurox –SB is a wonder drug for the treatment of the fatigue associated with illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, dysentery, jaundice etc. In fact, fatigue symptoms from just about any illness can be treated by Taurox -SB. It should be noted that because the underlying cause is not being treated, this anti-fatigue treatment will need to continue until the real illness is addressed with other treatment methods.

Does Taurox –SB work for everyone?

COBAT or Taurox –SB works for most patients when used in the right dosage, which is why many have called it a “wonder drug”.  This includes 90 % of the population. Like most other medicines, the dose has to be optimized and adjusted from person to person, to get the desired results.

So, one might ask, are there any exceptions to the use of Taurox –SB / COBAT?

In other words, are there any cases where COBAT cannot be administered? Yes! There are a few cases where the use of Taurox –SB can be risky. One of these includes those who suffer from an allergy to the drug itself. Any drug can cause an allergic response. And Taurox –SB is no exception. The signs of allergy include, breathing difficulty, edema or swelling of the face and rashes all over the body. The patient may also develop swelling of the feet (pedal edema). If these changes are seen with the use of Taurox –SB, the patient is advised to immediately stop using Taurox –SB and consult a physician. Another important group of patients who should not use Taurox –SB are patients who have had organ transplants and who are being given immuno-suppressants. Since Taurox –SB also acts to modulate the immune system, there could be many undesirable side effects from the simultaneous use of both these different drugs. Another case where Taurox –SB is not to be used or used with caution is those who are undergoing anti-inflammatory drug therapy. This is another group where there might be side effects due to interaction between these 2 different drugs. Another important point to be noted here is that Taurox –SB should not be used during any medical emergency. Its use may be started after the medical emergency has been controlled and rectified.

Of note to vegetarians is that Taurox –SB/ COBAT is a vegetarian product. It contains no substances of animal origin.

What is the required dose of Taurox –SB?

The suggested low dose is usually 1 to 2 drops per day. This is taken for a period of 4 weeks. If needed, the dose may be increased to 15 drops per day.

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