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Taurox and the Immune System

The human body contains and produces many chemicals which are important to maintain the immune system. The role of the immune system is to fight various pathogens or disease causing agents that bombard the body daily. The main disease causing agents are bacteria, viruses and fungi. Other agents include particles called prions, which have been recently discovered. However, the body’s immune mechanism is also under attack from pollutants such as vehicle exhaust, industrial effluents, smoke, smog etc. All these factors put together cause a lowering of the effectiveness of the immune system. The result is fatigue, weakness and malaise.

After many years of research, scientists worked to find a compound that would counter the malaise and fatigue associated with illnesses. The result of this research was the discovery of a unique compound based on taurine and beta-alanine. This compound was named COBAT and marketed under the brand name Taurox-SB. Three important benefits of the immune modulating effects of COBAT/ Taurox-SB are:

A)    Pollution: various essential molecules that maintain the immune system are being eroded or destroyed by pollutants from the air, water and food that are consumed by the human body. The result is a lowering of the immune defenses of the body and resultant fatigue. Taurox-SB helps rebuild the immune system by replenishing these vital molecules.

B)    Microbial infections: the human body is under constant assault by various microorganisms which enter the body through air, water and food. These wreak havoc on the immune system and seriously compromise its ability to destroy this constant invasion. Conventional medicines act by directly attacking the viruses or bacteria. Antiviral drugs directly destroy the invading viruses. The other mode of destroying these microorganisms is by the use of vaccines. Vaccines help build immunity by specifically targeting the immunity to a specific bacteria or virus. Examples include chicken pox, cholera and typhoid vaccines. However, Taurox-SB acts by building the overall immunity of the body to a vast set of organisms. The result is improved ability of the body to respond to infections. This response (using Taurox-SB) is of a non specific nature. Hence Taurox-SB cannot be used to treat a specific illness but to radically modulate the immune system to improve its functioning. The result is a dramatic reduction in the fatigue associated with illness.

C)    Stress: modern life is full of stresses which can be of mental and physical nature. The result is the development of a fight or flight reaction. The constant nature of this stress causes a load on the immune system mediated via the sympathetic nervous system of the body. Natural chemicals such as adrenaline flood the body resulting in reduced functioning of the immune system. By modulating the immune system, the fatigue related to stress is overcome by the use of Taurox-SB.

The use of Taurox-SB during illnesses requires higher doses (up to 15 drops per day, orally) for 4 weeks. Even without illnesses, Taurox-SB can be used in smaller doses ( 1 to 2 drops per day orally) to counter the stressful conditions and pollutants that tax the immune system.

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Commonly Asked Questions About COBAT/ Taurox-SB

COBAT is a proven homeopathic medicine that has a potent anti-fatigue action. Many queries have been raised about the effectiveness and role of COBAT/ Taurox-SB. Here are some important ones:

1)      How effective is Taurox-SB/ COBAT in fighting fatigue? Various studies have shown that COBAT is one of the most potent anti-fatigue compounds ever discovered. Floyd Taub who discovered this substance maintains that COBAT considerably alters the adaptogenic property of the mRNA (messenger RNA) at the cellular level. COBAT has antitumor and antiviral effects. Thus COBAT acts as an immune modulator to prevent fatigue caused by disease. This immune modulation is just right for the human body. The effect is so appropriate that COBAT is said to have the Goldilocks effect- not too much or too little, but just right.

2)      Does COBAT have adverse effects due to its immune modulation action? No. The Goldilocks effect of COBAT means that COBAT does not over stimulate or under stimulate the human immune system. On the contrary, the effect is just right. The result is that persons with allergic reactions and immune system malfunction do not experience exacerbation of their illness. Similar activity is observed in those with autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, dermatitis, psoriasis, etc. Use of COBAT in no way worsened the existing illnesses.

3)      What is the role of COBAT in relation to other medicines? COBAT plays a complimentary role with other medicines such as allopathic or homeopathic drugs. It acts without altering the effects of the other drugs given for the treatment of illnesses. It improves the state of well being and reduces the fatigue associated with the underlying disease, thus helping indirectly in the recovery process.

4)      Are there any exceptions to the above question? Yes. COBAT must be used with caution during administration or use of other immune modifying medicines such as immune suppressants (in cases of organ transplants etc.). It should also be avoided during simultaneous use of anti-inflammatory drugs.

5)      How does COBAT compare with placebos? During double blind placebo controlled trials, COBAT showed anti-fatigue activity in 92 % of cases while placebos showed action in only 26 % of cases. This demonstrated the clear superiority and effectiveness of COBAT as an anti-fatigue compound.

6)      What is the role of COBAT in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)? Chronic illness and fatigue go hand in hand. Patients with chronic fatigue have altered immune systems. This leads to illness which compounds the fatigue. COBAT acts to return the immune system to an optimal balance which reduces the fatigue. This is mediated via cytokines and tH cells, both of which are vital to the immune system.

7)      What is the role of COBAT in sleep? COBAT has a gentle relaxing effect on the human body due to its immune modulation effect. Lack of sleep is often the cause of fatigue in many patients of chronic fatigue. COBAT acts to improve both fatigue and lack of sleep associated with chronic fatigue.

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How Does COBAT/ Taurox-SB Work?

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Taurox is a homeopathic medicine composed of carbobenzoxy beta-alanyl-taurine or COBAT. Taurox-SB is the commonly used brand name for this drug. It was discovered by a team of doctors lead by Floyd Taub and others. Taurox-SB is prepared using two amino-acid molecules, taurine and beta-alanine. The discovery of Taurox-SB started whilst searching for a compound that would be safe and yet effective in the treatment of cancer. Treatment of cancer by drugs is called chemotherapy. Chemotherapy involves the use of powerful drugs that have terrible and often lethal adverse effects on the human body. These include hair loss, wasting, malaise, weakness, loss of appetite, etc. It was during this research that Floyd Taub discovered a powerful molecule that was a thousand to 1 million times more potent than any other anti-fatigue compound. This molecule was named COBAT/ Taurox-SB. One of the most interesting elements of this discovery was that the compound was very safe and very potent. Floyd and others found that this molecule used the body’s own defenses to fight the fatigue that was associated with very serious illnesses such as cancer. This discovery spurred them to try this drug for various debilitating illnesses from cancer to myocardial infarction. The results were extremely encouraging. The drug COBAT/ Taurox-SB was effective in reducing the fatigue in most cases, and that too at very low doses. However the drug did not treat the illnesses that caused the fatigue.

How does the COBAT molecule work?

COBAT/ Taurox-SB is not a stimulant of the immune system. It functions by modulating the immune system of the body. It is now known that the immune mechanism is controlled by chemicals released by the body called cytokines. COBAT/ Taurox-SB acts by regulating the uncontrolled actions of the cytokines. It has been found that there are more than a dozen cytokines and immune cell types that interact with each other. COBAT/ Taurox-SB helps regulate this interaction to get an optimal immune response. Cytokines act like neurotransmitters or cellular level messenger molecules. These molecules tend to control both the type and level of immune activity. Failure of adequate communication between the immune cells and the messengers (cytokines) results in sub-optimal immune response and the result is a failure of the immune system. Current research points to the existence of two types of immune responses – Th1 and Th2. It has been found that Th1 responses fight cancer, viruses, and pathogens. However, improper Th2 responses are found to be the causative factor for autoimmune diseases and the production of toxic auto-antibodies. This is where cytokines play a crucial role. They mediate an optimal immune response that prevents fatigue and helps the body win the battle against disease. When deficient or improper in response, cytokine action is modulated by COBAT/ Taurox-SB to produce an adequate immune response. The result is relief from the crippling effects of fatigue and more energy to fight the real disease.

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What You Should Know About COBAT- Taurox-SB

Taurox –SB is an immune balancing homeopathic medicine that works effectively in reducing fatigue. Does it cure the underlying causes of fatigue like cancer or diabetes? The answer is no! Taurox –SB does not heal the illness per se, but rather does a great job of reducing fatigue symptoms that are associated with many debilitating illnesses.

What are the conditions where use of Taurox –SB is indicated?

Taurox –SB is a wonder drug for the treatment of the fatigue associated with illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, dysentery, jaundice etc. In fact, fatigue symptoms from just about any illness can be treated by Taurox -SB. It should be noted that because the underlying cause is not being treated, this anti-fatigue treatment will need to continue until the real illness is addressed with other treatment methods.

Does Taurox –SB work for everyone?

COBAT or Taurox –SB works for most patients when used in the right dosage, which is why many have called it a “wonder drug”.  This includes 90 % of the population. Like most other medicines, the dose has to be optimized and adjusted from person to person, to get the desired results.

So, one might ask, are there any exceptions to the use of Taurox –SB / COBAT?

In other words, are there any cases where COBAT cannot be administered? Yes! There are a few cases where the use of Taurox –SB can be risky. One of these includes those who suffer from an allergy to the drug itself. Any drug can cause an allergic response. And Taurox –SB is no exception. The signs of allergy include, breathing difficulty, edema or swelling of the face and rashes all over the body. The patient may also develop swelling of the feet (pedal edema). If these changes are seen with the use of Taurox –SB, the patient is advised to immediately stop using Taurox –SB and consult a physician. Another important group of patients who should not use Taurox –SB are patients who have had organ transplants and who are being given immuno-suppressants. Since Taurox –SB also acts to modulate the immune system, there could be many undesirable side effects from the simultaneous use of both these different drugs. Another case where Taurox –SB is not to be used or used with caution is those who are undergoing anti-inflammatory drug therapy. This is another group where there might be side effects due to interaction between these 2 different drugs. Another important point to be noted here is that Taurox –SB should not be used during any medical emergency. Its use may be started after the medical emergency has been controlled and rectified.

Of note to vegetarians is that Taurox –SB/ COBAT is a vegetarian product. It contains no substances of animal origin.

What is the required dose of Taurox –SB?

The suggested low dose is usually 1 to 2 drops per day. This is taken for a period of 4 weeks. If needed, the dose may be increased to 15 drops per day.

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8 facts about COBAT- Taurox SB

1) What is Taurox SB? Taurox SB is a homeopathic medicine that contains certain vital amino acids and is one of the most important anti fatigue medicines available.

2) What does Taurox SB contain? The structure of COBAT includes taurine and beta-alanine. Taurox SB is composed of carbobenzoxy beta-alanyl-taurine which is a very potent, and yet very safe compound which is effective in the treatment of fatigue. In spite of being so powerful, this medicine is very safe.

3) How is Taurox SB administered? What are the various preparations of Taurox SB?

Taurox SB is available in 3 forms. Taurox SB is available in many convenient forms, all of which are very easy to use and quickly absorbed into the body.

A) melting microspheres that dissolve under the tongue and is absorbed from the mouth via the oral mucosa.

B) another form is a handy spray that is used much like a nasal spray.

C) The third preparation is drops for sublingual use.

4) How does Taurox SB act in the body? Taurox SB is an immune modulator. This means that Taurox SB acts by improving the functioning of the immune system of the human body. This action is via cytokines, which are messenger molecules controlling the immune system. This helps the body to fight bacterial and viral infections and also overcome the fatigue that is associated with illnesses.

5) Does Taurox SB work for all patients? Taurox SB is effective in 90 % of patients. The dose is varied from patient to patient depending on the needs, the kind of illness and the patient’s height and weight, and the build of the person. Further, the dose has to be adjusted for maximum effect.

In March of 2001, 39 volunteers completed the first homeopathic proving trial for Taurox. The study was conducted by David Riley, M.D., associate clinical professor at the University of New Mexico Medical School. In this double-blind trial, 92% of the patients given Taurox reported significant physiological effects such as increased energy, versus a 26% response of the patients given a placebo.

In a series of case studies presented at the First International Conference on Whole Person Healing, (Bethesda, MD, March 28, 2003). The average improvement in energy levels among all of the case study participants taking Taurox (n-16) was a very impressive 52%. With all but one of the participants experiencing a significant reduction in fatigue, the average fatigue score dropped from 65 to 33 points.

6) Is Taurox SB accepted by the FDA in the USA? Yes. Taurox SB is an over the counter drug that is accepted by the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

7) What are the main uses and indications of Taurox SB? Taurox SB is not used in the treatment of illnesses. However, almost all diseases like infections, cancer and other serious conditions produce severe fatigue and malaise in patients. By modulating the immune system (COBAT) Taurox SB acts to decrease the fatigue associated with illnesses. It is now recognized that Taurox SB is one of the most potent anti-fatigue drugs available in homeopathy.

8) What are the adverse effects of Taurox SB? Some patients experience headache, joint aches and discomfort in the chest whilst starting the use of Taurox SB. However, this appears to be a sign that the medicine is working and is no cause for alarm. The dose of COBAT-Taurox SB is so small that there are no possible major side effects.

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COBAT- TAUROX SB – Fatigue Relief

COBAT is a compound that is widely believed to be the most potent anti-fatigue substance ever known. This is a homeopathic preparation and is more popular by its brand name, namely TAUROX SB. This simple compound has been found to cure the fatigue that accompanies many illnesses, though TAUROX SB per se cannot be used to treat any disease. The chemical name for this compound is- carbobenzoxy beta-alanyl-taurine, or COBAT. This compound is the result of years of research at various universities, looking for safe and effective treatment of fatigue. COBAT

contains both taurine and beta-alanine, both of which are important amino acids. COBAT

is a homeopathic medicine prepared by what is termed as a 7 fold dilution process giving a 6 to 7X dilution medicine. This homeopathic preparation is easily absorbed via the oral mucosa.


Various surveys have shown that COBAT has been successful in relieving the fatigue associated with many major illnesses and conditions. In fact hospital studies show a relief of fatigue in up to 90 per cent of patients. These studies also showed that there was significant improvement of the energy levels in these patients for many months. The main discovery of COBAT occured in the University of New Mexico. It was found that COBAT produced significant improvement of the immune system. Hence it was postulated that the main effects, especially the anti-fatigue properties of COBAT

were induced by modulating the immune system. Another important discovery was that COBAT improved the functioning of both hyperactive and hypoactive immune cells.

How does it work?

It must be emphasized here that COBAT is not a stimulant that produces a deceptive feeling of health, like various other drugs do. Steroids are an example of compounds that produce a feeling of well being, which is transient in nature. Unlike these substances, COBAT acts by directly modifying the immune system to produce genuine relief of fatigue. This relief of fatigue actually increases over the months, resulting in marked improvement in the condition of the patient. It has been proven that cytokines are the chemical messengers that the body uses to control the immune cells. What COBAT does is to modify and improve the cytokine levels in the blood, thus producing improvement in illness induced fatigue.


COBAT is a homeopathic medication and is safe to use in most patients. The only contraindication for the use of COBAT is in patients who undergo organ transplants or are under immuno-suppressive medication. Such patients are not advised to use COBAT due to the immune modifying effects of this drug. COBAT therapy is done by monitoring the patient over weeks. It is now accepted that a 5 to 10 per cent improvement (in fatigue) per week during the use of COBAT is a good response to this homeopathic medicine. By carefully assessing the efficacy of this potent medicine, patients are able to establish required and effective dosage requirements over a period of time.

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