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Taurox and the Immune System

The human body contains and produces many chemicals which are important to maintain the immune system. The role of the immune system is to fight various pathogens or disease causing agents that bombard the body daily. The main disease causing agents are bacteria, viruses and fungi. Other agents include particles called prions, which have been […]


Commonly Asked Questions About COBAT/ Taurox-SB

COBAT is a proven homeopathic medicine that has a potent anti-fatigue action. Many queries have been raised about the effectiveness and role of COBAT/ Taurox-SB. Here are some important ones: 1)      How effective is Taurox-SB/ COBAT in fighting fatigue? Various studies have shown that COBAT is one of the most potent anti-fatigue compounds ever discovered. […]


How Does COBAT/ Taurox-SB Work?

Image via Wikipedia Taurox is a homeopathic medicine composed of carbobenzoxy beta-alanyl-taurine or COBAT. Taurox-SB is the commonly used brand name for this drug. It was discovered by a team of doctors lead by Floyd Taub and others. Taurox-SB is prepared using two amino-acid molecules, taurine and beta-alanine. The discovery of Taurox-SB started whilst searching […]


What You Should Know About COBAT- Taurox-SB

Taurox –SB is an immune balancing homeopathic medicine that works effectively in reducing fatigue. Does it cure the underlying causes of fatigue like cancer or diabetes? The answer is no! Taurox –SB does not heal the illness per se, but rather does a great job of reducing fatigue symptoms that are associated with many debilitating […]


8 facts about COBAT- Taurox SB

1) What is Taurox SB? Taurox SB is a homeopathic medicine that contains certain vital amino acids and is one of the most important anti fatigue medicines available. 2) What does Taurox SB contain? The structure of COBAT includes taurine and beta-alanine. Taurox SB is composed of carbobenzoxy beta-alanyl-taurine which is a very potent, and […]


COBAT- TAUROX SB – Fatigue Relief

COBAT is a compound that is widely believed to be the most potent anti-fatigue substance ever known. This is a homeopathic preparation and is more popular by its brand name, namely TAUROX SB. This simple compound has been found to cure the fatigue that accompanies many illnesses, though TAUROX SB per se cannot be used […]