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  Cell Salt, Calc Phos Need  
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Signs, symptoms & indicators of Cell Salt, Calc Phos Need:
Symptoms - General  Slow recovery from colds

  Rapid recovery from colds

Conditions that suggest Cell Salt, Calc Phos Need:
Circulation  Anemia (Iron deficiency)
  Anemia (Uncommon Nutritional)
  Anemia, Megaloblastic


  Dyspepsia / Poor Digestion


  Osteoporosis / Risk
  General Weakness
  Muscle Cramps / Twitching
  Leg Cramps At Night

Nervous System

 Calc Phos is indicated where regenerative function decreases in the nervous tissue, especially with aging.


  Dysmenorrhea, Painful Menstruation

Risk factors for Cell Salt, Calc Phos Need:
Minor Symptoms  Fermented soy product consumption

Cell Salt, Calc Phos Need can lead to:
Musculo-Skeletal  Osteoporosis / Risk

Recommendations for Cell Salt, Calc Phos Need:
Homeopathy  Cell Salt, Calc Phos

Weak or unproven link
Strong or generally accepted link
Strongly counter-indicative
Highly recommended