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  Cell Salt, Kali Phos Need  
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Signs, symptoms & indicators of Cell Salt, Kali Phos Need:
Symptoms - General  General dizziness
  Dizziness when standing up

Symptoms - Metabolic

  Hyperactivity with exhaustion

Symptoms - Mind - Emotional

  Occasional/frequent emotional exhaustion

Symptoms - Mind - General

  A 'foggy' mind

Conditions that suggest Cell Salt, Kali Phos Need:
Infections  Shingles (Herpes Zoster)


  Unresolved Grief



Nervous System

  Nervous Breakdown Tendency
  Exhaustion Caused By Emotional Upsets


  Body Odor

Recommendations for Cell Salt, Kali Phos Need:
Homeopathy  Cell Salt, Kali Phos

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