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  Vitamin K Requirement  
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Conditions that suggest Vitamin K Requirement:
Circulation  Bruising Susceptibility
 A study of 600 men aged 50-70, found those with a poor vitamin K status had a significantly higher coronary calcium score, indicating an increased risk of atherosclerosis. [Family Practice News, January 1, 2002;32(l): pp. 1-2]


  Adult Acne

Risk factors for Vitamin K Requirement:
Digestion  Steatorrhea / Fat Malabsorption

Minor Symptoms

  Fermented soy product consumption

Organ Health

  Consequences of Gallbladder Surgery

Symptoms - Gas-Int - General

  Having had a small bowel resection

Symptoms - Metabolic

  Pancreas mostly/pancreas completely removed

Symptoms - Skin - Conditions

  History of adult acne

Recommendations for Vitamin K Requirement:
Vitamins  Vitamin K1/K2

Weak or unproven link
Strong or generally accepted link
Very strongly or absolutely counter-indicative
Likely to help