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  Increased Risk of Sarcoma  
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Risk factors for Increased Risk of Sarcoma:
Symptoms - Environment  History of herbicide exposure
 A report by a 16-member committee of the National Academy of Science's Institute of Medicine found soft-tissue sarcoma associated with exposure to herbicides. Some studies have shown significant increases in soft tissue sarcoma with phenoxy herbicides.

Increased Risk of Sarcoma can lead to:
Risks  Cancer / Risk - General Measures

Recommendations for Increased Risk of Sarcoma:
Botanical  Arabinogalactans


  Sauna Detoxification Program
 Sauna detoxification programs rid the body of stored toxins known to increase the risk of sarcoma.

Lab Tests/Rule-Outs

  Test AMAS (AntiMalignin Antibody Screen)

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