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Signs, symptoms & indicators of Counseling Need:
Symptoms - Mind - Emotional  Impatient/hostile disposition

Recommendations for Counseling Need:
Miscellaneous  Reading List
 Healed Without Scars by David G. Evans' has certainly managed to capture the heart, the reasoning, behind why an individual may choose to live his/her life in a "masquerade" fashion. Life's journey for that individual may have presented a variety of intensely, painful situations, and thus, his/her life exists as nothing more than a cultivation of survival techniques to mask the pain. Bishop Evans' book presents a wonderful and truthful resolution to unmask this painful dilemma regardless of the individual's past or present traumatic circumstance. This book can be used as an excellent tool for counseling individuals in search of answers to living a divinely purposeful life.

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  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)



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