Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT was put together by Gary Craig and is a derivative of Thought Field Therapy that was developed by Roger Callahan in 1980. It is a type of energy psychology that is streamlined to balance one’s energy meridians while saying positive affirmations about the addiction or problem in question. This very helpful and easy to learn procedure is detailed here. It is well worth taking the time to review and practice this procedure to find out for yourself how helpful it may be for you. Doctors who use it feel that “this technique is so amazing it is almost too good to be true. It has been a major benefit for nearly all of the patients we have trained in it.”

You can review the points to tap and their sequence here.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can help with the following






The Immune System  










Headaches, Migraine/Tension

Newcomers who use this simple process by themselves achieve relief 50% to 80% of the time and, in many cases, the relief is complete and permanent. More sophisticated uses by an EFT expert may be required for some migraine sufferers.



There are a number of ways EFT can be used to induce pleasant sleep. The most obvious way to counteract your inability to fall asleep is to “tap” either physically (actually) or mentally (just in your mind), while stating an appropriate affirmation while in bed.

If your mind is active while trying to get to sleep or if sleep has been interrupted, this is an important time for evaluating what you are thinking about. If you are mulling the same thought or situation endlessly over and over, you need to interrupt the cycle by introducing a new thought into this pattern. This new thought is one that you design, or a truth that you have not been applying to the situation.

Scripture verses make powerful cycle breakers. Other examples include:


Problem Caused By Being Overweight

It is common for people to turn to food, especially carbohydrates, for satisfaction when they are emotionally unsatisfied. Addressing and overcoming underlying issues with EFT should reduce this tendency to overeat the wrong foods.



Nervous System  





Reducing stress triggers before they have a chance to stimulate your autonomic nervous system can help reduce sweating. EFT may help address the emotional issues that underlie these triggers.


Menopausal Status / Issues

The concept behind EFT is that many physical ailments, including excess menopausal symptoms, are often caused by (1) interruptions to the free flow of the subtle energies in our bodies and/or (2) unresolved anger, guilt, fear and trauma that manifest as physical symptoms.

It is claimed that EFT reduces or even even eliminates the intensity of menopausal symptoms. EFT will not make you younger, of course, but with it you can collapse your hot flashes and night sweats, counteract weight gain, mood swings, and loss of libido and enter the next stage of your life with health and vitality.


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