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  Artichoke Extract (Cynarin scolymus)  
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The artichoke (Cynara Scolymus) has a strong folk history in treating many liver diseases and recent evidence supports this long-time use. The active ingredient in artichoke is cynarin which is found in highest concentrations in the leaves. Like silymarin, cynara extract has demonstrated significant liver protecting and regenerating effects. It also possesses a choleretic (bile stimulating) effect. This is a very important property: if the bile is not being transported adequately to the gallbladder, the liver is at increased risk of damage. Choleretics are very useful in the treatment of hepatitis and other liver diseases via this "decongesting" effect.


Artichoke Extract (Cynarin scolymus) can help with the following:
Lab Values  Elevated Total Cholesterol
 Choleretics typically lower cholesterol levels because they increase the excretion of cholesterol and decrease the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver. Consistent with its choleretic effect, cynara extract from artichoke leaf has been shown to lower blood cholesterol (13%) and triglyceride levels (5%) in both human and animal studies.

Organ Health

 Promotes liver regeneration.

  Gallbladder Disease

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