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  Cell Salt, Mag Phos  
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Mag Phos is found in the blood, bones, teeth, spine, nerves and brain. It can help with muscle spasms and cramps, sudden loss of energy, back pain, PMS cramps, irritability, teething pain, and heart arrythmias. Its primary function is in correcting violent ailments, especially spasms. Being a nerve stabilizer, it reduces spasmodic darting pains such as those found in sciatica, or neuralgia. Mag Phos works well with Calc Phos for most kinds of cramps. Deficiencies of Mag Phos result in conditions such as flatulence, convulsions, and other nervous disturbances.


Cell Salt, Mag Phos can help with the following:
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  Dysmenorrhea, Painful Menstruation

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