A Healthy Diet


Conditions that suggest A Healthy Diet



Risk factors for A Healthy Diet

Supplements and Medications  

Blue-green algae supplementation

Symptoms - Food - Beverages  

Reasonable/sufficient water consumption


Fruit/vegetable juice consumption


Complete alcohol avoidance


High/excessive water consumption


Coffee consumption


Caffeinated soft drink consumption


Low sugared drink consumption


Tea consumption


Non-caffeine soft drink consumption


Low-calorie soft drink consumption

Symptoms - Food - Intake  

Having lots of/having occasional salads or frequently having salad


High/moderate fruit/vegetable consumption


Refined sugar consumption


High/moderate Omega-3 oil intake


Dairy product consumption


Fast food consumption


Vegetable oil consumption


High/low/moderate cold water fish consumption


Hydrogenated fat consumption or hydrogenated fat avoidance


Refined white flour avoidance


High garlic consumption


Deep-fried food consumption


Processed meat consumption


Low/no added salt consumption

Counter Indicators
Symptoms - Food - Intake  

(High) refined sugar consumption

Symptoms - Food - Preferences  

(Partial) vegetarian diet or vegan/raw food diet

A Healthy Diet can lead to




Weak or unproven link
Strong or generally accepted link
Strongly counter-indicative

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