Ayurvedic Dosha – Pitta Dominance

People who have a dominant Pitta constitution typically have a moderate body size and level of physical activity. They are strong-willed and ambitious. They may become short-tempered, irritable and aggressive when under stress. They are believed to be more prone to skin problems, such as sunburn and other skin irritations, particularly in summer because they are not tolerant of heat and sun.


Signs, symptoms & indicators of Ayurvedic Dosha - Pitta Dominance

Ayurvedic Typing  

Being stubborn


Paying attention to detail


Preferring cold food and drinks


Low tolerance of spicy foods

Symptoms - Bowel Movements  

(Very/tendency to) infrequent stools


Having hard stools

Symptoms - Environment  

Poor tolerance of heat

Symptoms - Food - Beverages  

Frequent/constant thirst

Symptoms - Food - General  

Strong appetite

Symptoms - General  

Low level of tolerance

Symptoms - Hair  

Oily hair


Straight hair


Sparse head hair

Symptoms - Mind - Emotional  

Impatient/hostile disposition

Symptoms - Mind - General  

A clear/a 'foggy' mind

Symptoms - Skin - General  

Excess perspiration


Oily/moist skin


Darker/redder skin color


Warm skin

Symptoms - Sleep  

Being a light/being a deep sleeper

Recommendations for Ayurvedic Dosha - Pitta Dominance



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