Ayurvedic Dosha – Vata Dominance

People who have a dominant Vata constitution are usually physically active and have a thin body type. They may become indecisive, insecure, fearful and anxious when under stress. They are believed to be more prone to develop problems of their digestive system, particularly the colon.


Signs, symptoms & indicators of Ayurvedic Dosha - Vata Dominance

Ayurvedic Typing  

Quick but faulty memory for detail

Symptoms - Bowel Movements  

(Very) frequent stools or normal stool frequency


Having loose/having very watery stools

Symptoms - Environment  

Poor tolerance of cold

Symptoms - Food - Beverages  

Being infrequently thirsty or frequent thirst

Symptoms - Food - General  

Weak appetite

Symptoms - Gas-Int - General  

General flatulence

Symptoms - General  

Quick/light physical motions

Symptoms - Hair  

Dry hair


Brittle hair


Sparse head hair

Symptoms - Head - Mouth/Oral  

Being a rapid speaker

Symptoms - Mind - Emotional  


Symptoms - Mind - General  

A clear mind


Being indecisive


Being easily excitable

Symptoms - Skin - General  

Dry skin


Darker/redder skin color


Thin skin


Cold skin

Symptoms - Sleep  

Being a light sleeper

Conditions that suggest Ayurvedic Dosha - Vata Dominance



Recommendations for Ayurvedic Dosha - Vata Dominance



Weak or unproven link
Highly recommended



The part of the large intestine that extends to the rectum. The colon takes the contents of the small intestine, moving them to the rectum by contracting.

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