Foot / Arch Problems

A ‘flat foot’ has a low arch and is not actually a foot problem. Having flat feet does not necessarily impair one’s ability to run. Flat feet seldom cause any problems; however, they can cause pain usually in the calf, knee, or lower back and is often the result of standing for long periods of time. Flat feet are also more prone to bunions and arch pain.

As with flat feet high arched feet are not necessarily a problem. However people with high arches are more likely develop other foot problems, specifically hammer toes and associated calluses and corns.


Signs, symptoms & indicators of Foot / Arch Problems

Symptoms - Skeletal  

Hip pain

Resolving foot and lower leg problems can sometimes help reduce hip pain.

Recommendations for Foot / Arch Problems

Physical Medicine  

Physical Supports

Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear contains a rigid orthotic that helps to prevent arch related problems by reducing the impact of standing, walking and running. It has an adjustable coil which can help control over-pronation and supination.


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