Morgellons Disease

Thousands of patients across the United States are suffering from the strange symptoms of Morgellons Disease, which includes burning or itching sensations on the skin, and also the feeling of bugs crawling over, under or on top of it.

In some ways, the disease mimics the effects of scabies or lice, but with some important differences.

The disease is characterized by open sores on your face and body, and string-like fibers emerging from the skin. The wounds often appear as if fibers have been imbedded in them, along with seed-like granules and black material. However, some patients experience the physical symptoms of Morgellons, yet have no overt skin lesions.

The disease can also cause extreme problems with short-term memory, mental concentration and mood disorders (depression and bipolar disorder). Ten percent of the children affected by Morgellons also suffer from autism spectrum disorders.

The fibers have led some doctors to theorize that the roots of the disease stem from an environmental cause, rather than something produced from within the body. If this is the case, the open sores are likely caused by scratching.

There are many web sites reporting personal and collective experience with this condition. Doing a search is a requirement for anyone with symptoms of this mysterious condition.

On 4 November 2009, the CDC issued a preliminary report based on an external peer review of the project underway to investigat this condition. The report stated that “Data collection has been completed and analysis is ongoing.”

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