Poor Musculoskeletal Health


Signs, symptoms & indicators of Poor Musculoskeletal Health

Symptoms - General  

(History of) fatigability

Symptoms - Muscular  

Tightness across shoulders

Symptoms - Skeletal  

History of stress fractures


Joint pain/swelling/stiffness


Decreasing stature


(Prolonged) morning stiffness


Clicking/popping joints



Conditions that suggest Poor Musculoskeletal Health


Risk factors for Poor Musculoskeletal Health

Lab Values - Chemistries  

(Moderately/history of) elevated CK

If CPK is high in the absence of heart muscle injury, this is a strong indication of skeletal muscle disease or injury.

Symptoms - Skeletal  

(Many) broken bones


Herniated disc(s)

Recommendations for Poor Musculoskeletal Health



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