Aluminum Consumption Avoidance


Aluminum Consumption Avoidance can help with the following


Increased Risk of Alzheimer's / Dementia

Alzheimer’s Disease has been linked to a number of risk factors, including exposure to aluminum. Now from France comes a report that drinking water with high aluminum concentrations may indeed increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia. High sources of aluminum in the diet include: aluminum cooking utensils, aluminum-containing antacids, tap water (which may have aluminum sulfate added to remove particulate and organic matter).

Researchers determined that a concentration of aluminum in drinking water above 0.1mg/liter may be a risk factor of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Nearly 2,700 individuals were followed for an 8-year period to identify new cases of probable Alzheimer’s or other dementing illness. The sample was divided into 77 drinking water areas, with surveys conducted to determine concentrations of aluminum, calcium, and fluorine in each water supply. The study authors point out that their findings support those of several other studies linking aluminum to Alzheimer’s, but add that “this result needs to be confirmed using a higher number of exposed subjects.” [American Journal of Epidemiology 2000;152: pp.59-66.]

One of our doctors comments: This is another reason to make sure that you limit your water intake to filtered or bottled. Aluminum is certainly an issue, but probably not as significant as chlorine exposure. Unless you have well water you will also need a filter for your shower as most of us will probably absorb more toxins from bathing or showering than we will from drinking tap water.


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