Bean / Legume Consumption

Bean / Legume Consumption can help with the following


Flatulence / Gas

Soaking beans for 48 hours (changing water at least twice per day) will reduce their gas forming property.

Consider Beano: A study found that high doses of the over-the-counter product Beano reduced flatulence, but a normal dose did not produce statistically significant results.


Increased Risk of Coronary Disease / Heart Attack

9,600 Americans were studied over the course of 19 years to learn how a diet rich in beans, peas and other legumes may affect heart health. It was found that men and women who ate legumes at least 4 times a week had a 22% lower risk of coronary heart disease. Those who ate legumes most frequently also had lower blood pressure and total cholesterol, and were less likely to be diagnosed with high blood pressure or diabetes. Legumes are rich in soluble fiber, contain low levels of sodium and high levels of potassium, calcium and magnesium, and are high in folate. Each of these characteristics is associated with lowered heart disease risk. [Archives of Internal Medicine, Nov. 26, 2001]


May do some good

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