Cell Salt, Calc Fluor

CALCAREA FLUOR or calcium fluoride is contained in the elastic fibers of the skin, blood vessels, connective

tissue, bones and teeth. A lack of Calc Fluor creates a relaxed condition. This can lead to a hardening or swelling of the tissues. Used in the treatment of dilated or weakened blood vessels, such as those found in hemorrhoids, varicose veins, hardened arteries and glands. Also considered in uterine displacements, teeth loose in their sockets, sluggish circulation, muscular weakness, and ailments of tendons, ligaments, and fibrous tissue.


Cell Salt, Calc Fluor can help with the following

Cell Salts  


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The body's most abundant mineral. Its primary function is to help build and maintain bones and teeth. Calcium is also important to heart health, nerves, muscles and skin. Calcium helps control blood acid-alkaline balance, plays a role in cell division, muscle growth and iron utilization, activates certain enzymes, and helps transport nutrients through cell membranes. Calcium also forms a cellular cement called ground substance that helps hold cells and tissues together.


Varicose disorder causing painful swellings at the anus; piles.

Varicose Veins

Twisted, widened veins with incompetent valves.

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