Cell Salt, Nat Mur

NATRUM MUR or sodium chloride is found throughout the body: regulates the moisture with in the cells. Deficiency causes fatigue, chills, craving for salt, bloating, profuse secretions from the skin, eyes and mucous membranes, excessive salivation, and watery stools. Exceptional dryness or excessive moisture in any part of the body usually shows the need for Nat Mur. The organs in the body most influenced by Nat Mur are the kidneys and sinuses. This remedy is an anti-histamine. It also relieves imbalances of the lymphatic system, blood, spleen, and the mucous membrane lining of the alimentary canal.


Cell Salt, Nat Mur can help with the following

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An essential mineral that our bodies regulate and conserve. Excess sodium retention increases the fluid volume (edema) and low sodium leads to less fluid and relative dehydration. The adult body averages a total content of over 100 grams of sodium, of which a surprising one-third is in bone. A small amount of sodium does get into cell interiors, but this represents only about ten percent of the body content. The remaining 57 percent or so of the body sodium content is in the fluid immediately surrounding the cells, where it is the major cation (positive ion). The role of sodium in the extracellular fluid is maintaining osmotic equilibrium (the proper difference in ions dissolved in the fluids inside and outside the cell) and extracellular fluid volume. Sodium is also involved in nerve impulse transmission, muscle tone and nutrient transport. All of these functions are interrelated with potassium.

Mucous Membranes

The membranes, such as the mouse, nose, anus, and vagina, that line the cavities and canals of the body which communicate with the air.

Lymphatic System

A network of vessels which collect fluid from the tissues of the body and return it to the blood. Lymphatic fluid (also called lymph) is rich in white blood cells that fight infection and an important part of the body's immune system.

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