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Cold Applications can help with the following


Problem Caused By Being Overweight

There is an excellent article by Dr. Mercola describing the benefits of exercising when you are colder. Bringing your temperature down, or exercising in a colder environment may contribute to a greater percentage of brown fat, which, unlike white fat, burns calories more like muscle does! This means that for the same amount of exertion, more calories are burned and more weight is lost.



Ideal for professional sports people who want to get back to full fitness fast, MORPH TM can also be used as a long term treatment for osteoarthritis patients – one of the most chronic diseases affecting the elderly. A study carried out in Belgium concluded that if patients use MORPHO TM regularly it can be more effective than standard pharmacological treatments such as paracetamol to relieve pain and improve joint mobility.



See the link between Costochondritis and Hot Applications


Joint Pain, General

A ground breaking ice pack, which reduces pain and improves joint mobility among osteoarthritis patients and helps athletes recover quicker and more effectively from injury or surgery, has been launched by North Yorkshire healthcare innovations company – Salitas

The revolutionary MORPH TM Cryo-Matrix remains colder up to 12 times longer than conventional gel packs and is not wet or messy and is easy to prepare and apply.

It can be programmed to stay at a constant ‘cold’ temperature (with a skin interface temperature in the ideal (7-12°C zone) for up to four hours, as opposed to the 20 minutes associated with conventional gel packs.

It is made from a unique matrix structure that moulds to the patients’ contours, even when they are moving; allowing patients to receive treatment whilst taking part in exercise, training schedules or physiotherapy programmes.

These unique features allow joints and muscles to be kept at the right temperature, for the right amount of time, promoting faster recovery rates after surgery or injury.



Dry ice can be substituted for liquid nitrogen when freezing warts for removal.


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