Desensitization can help with the following


Allergy / Intolerance to Foods (Hidden)

Children who were allergic to eggs were able to essentially overcome their allergy by gradually consuming increased quantities of eggs over time, researchers at Duke University Medical Center and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences have found in a small pilot study.

“Participants who took a daily dose of egg product over the two-year study period were able to build up their bodies’ resistance to the point where most of them could eat two scrambled eggs without a reaction,” said A. Wesley Burks, M.D., chief of Duke’s Division of Allergy and Immunology and a senior member of the research team. “Egg allergies cause a significant decrease in quality of life for many people, so this study is exciting in that it brings us a step closer to being able to offer a meaningful therapy for these people.” [Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, January 2007]


Semen Allergy

Hyposensitization treatment is available. This treatment is similar to the effects of allergy shots: the body is desensitized to the allergic effect of semen by gradually increasing the amount of semen that one is exposed to.


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