Euphorbium Nasal Spray

German physician Michael Weiser, M.D. tested Euphorbium Nasal Spray (a preparation containing 8 homeopathic remedies) against a placebo on 172 patients. Each patient received 2 discharges of spray into each nostril 4 times a day for 5 months. Patients with chronic sinusitis experienced considerable improvement in terms of reduced headaches, sinus pressure, and breathing difficulties. Another study conducted by German doctors with 3,510 patients with chronic sinusitis found that 75% rated the nasal spray as “excellent” to “good.” Euphorbium Nasal Spray is available in the U.S.


Euphorbium Nasal Spray can help with the following



Highly recommended



A system of medicine based on the belief that the cure of disease can be effected by minute doses of substances that, if given to a healthy person in large doses, would produce the same symptoms as are present in the disease being treated. Homeopathy employs natural substances in small doses to stimulate the body's reactive process to remove toxic waste and bring the body back into balance.


A pharmacologically inactive substance. Often used to compare clinical responses against the effects of pharmacologically active substances in experiments.


Usually Chronic illness: Illness extending over a long period of time.

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